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New Trash Program, Bins Coming To Your Driveway

SouthPark's 2020 trash contract with Waste Connections of Colorado (formerly Pro Disposal) requires that residents use company-issued bins for their automated pick-up trucks. Residents can choose between two bin sizes. There is no extra charge for the two bins (trash fees are included in HOA monthly dues). Trash pick up will continue to be on Mondays, and recycling pick up every other Monday.

New Trash Service Details

  • All residents will receive one 96 gallon trash bin and one 96 gallon recycling bin, delivered in February 2020
  • 64 gallon bins can be selected instead. To receive the smaller bin(s), email clientcare@amihoa.com no later than December 5 and include your name and address in your email. If smaller bins are desired after December 5, there will be a fee to switch out the bins.
  • Residents who already own a "waste hauler approved" container can continue to use them, but will still receive the new bins. Look for communications about this in the near future, including conforming paint colors and/or Waste Connection stickers.
  • Except for trash day, bins must be kept in townhome garages or single family home garage/other approved area per the HOA architectural guidelines.  Homeowners not abiding by these guidelines will be cited and fined.
  • Additional bins can be purchased directly through Waste Connections for $4/month and a $25 delivery fee, billed annually and directly to the resident
  • Bins must be placed on the street next to the curb, not on the sidewalk, by 7:00 am on Mondays.  Bins are to face out, so the lid opens from the street side of the bin.  See arrows/directions on the lid of the bins.
  • Waste Connections will pick up household trash and normal yard waste.  Brick, block, concrete, dirt, asphalt, electronic or hazardous waste will not be picked up.
  • Pick-up includes 3 additional bags of household/yard waste OR 3 bundles of branches (4 x 2 bundles).
  • Bulk item pick costs $15-$45. Residents will need to call Waste Connections at (303) 791-3827, 24 hours prior to service day and prepay.

For questions about this service, please contact Cathlyn at 303-791-3827 or  cathlyn.depaiva@wasteconnections.com.

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New Board Members Elected; HOA Dues Increase Effective January 2020

The Board would like to welcome James Wedding and Jim Hay as new members, who were elected by the community at the Annual meeting. The new board selected their officers, as follows:

• President: John Obourn

• Vice President: David Gomes

• Treasurer: Ken Dold

• Secretary: Kevin Gzym

• Member at Large: Dawn Zilch

• Member at Large: James Wedding

• Member at Large: Jim Hay

Budget: The Board of Directors approved the 2020 budget. The costs for several services are increasing, including the pool contract, trash removal, landscaping and snow removal contracts, to name a few. The full 2020 budget can be found by logging into your account at www.amihoa.com, then go to Community Information/Property Information. The Board and committee members work diligently to prioritize community needs while balancing budgetary limitations. As a result of the increased costs, next year all dues will increase $8 per month. The monthly single-family HOA fee will increase to $107 and the townhome rate will increase to $168 per month, effective January 1, 2020. The Board is still taking a conservative but responsible approach to funding the reserve account in order to continue improving asphalt, concrete, the pool, playground and tennis courts for the coming year.

Trash pickup is on Mondays. Recycling days are every other Monday. See the Calendar page for the schedule. For service questions, contact Pro Disposal at 303-791-3827 or prodisposal.net

Board & ACC Meetings are held the third Monday of every month*, beginning at 7:00 pm in the clubhouse. All residents welcome. Agenda is emailed by AMI.

* no meeting in December

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Need a Recreation Access Card?

If you need an access card for the swimming pool and sport courts, use the button below to submit your request. A recreation committee volunteer will then contact you when the card is ready. Please allow a few days.

If your card was lost, there is a $30 replacement charge. If your card does not work, there is no fee as long as you turn in the non-working card. If you are a new resident and never received a card, there is no charge. Please visit the pool and sport court pages on this website for more information.

Recreation Access Card Request


Nextdoor.com is a private social network for neighborhoods and is a viable tool for notices, classifieds, break-ins, lost pets, Litteton news, etc. It's free and secure and is currently being used by a growing number of SouthPark residents. Visit nextdoor.com to learn more and sign up.

Vendor Directory

Need a plumber? Want your roof fixed? Want to recommend a great painter? Click the happy painter to view the SouthPark Vendor Directory. To recommend a company, send an email to editor@southparkhoa.com.

Do You Know the Pillows?

The beautiful trees, the lovely flowers, the manicured grounds are the pride of SouthPark, and much of it can be attributed to the 16 years of dedication by Howie and Bev Pillow. Read more >>>

Denver Water Rebates

SouthPark's water provider, Denver Water, is offering rebates for the installation of new high efficiency toilets and clothes washers.  The rebate form requires you to know your water account number.  Single-family homeowners can find this number on their water bill.  For townhome owners, click here.

Citizen Alert Program

Sign up through the city of Littleton to receive notices about potential safety hazards or concerns.  Although all residential land lines are already included in this program, you can add mobile devices and receive notices via texts or voice mails. Click here to get started.

Report a Major Water Leak

If you notice a major water line break in the common areas, call Arrowhead immediately at 720-259-7718 to report. This number is only for a major emergency (that is, water is gushing out of the ground). For all other grounds-related concerns, such as broken sprinkler heads, snow removal or water seepage, please call the SouthPark Hotline at 303-738-0534.

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