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Board Election Results

During the Annual Meeting of the Members on October 15, 2018, the election for three open seats of the board of directors was held. Ken Dold was re-elected, and Dave Gomes and John Obourn were also elected to fill the seats vacated by Tom Zichterman and and Janette Rourke.

The new board –

Ken Dold – President

John Obourn – Vice President

Kevin Gzym – Secretary

Chris Wootten – Treasurer

Dawn Zilch, Jerry Connell, Dave Gomes – Members-at-large

The board of directors meets on the third Monday of every month (except December), beginning at 7:00 pm at the clubhouse. All residents are invited to attend.

Townhome Dues Increase

At the October Board Meeting, the Board voted to increase the dues of the townhome owners to $160/month. This is a monthly increase of $16.00. There are 135 townhomes in Southpark 1 and, currently, the townhome reserves are short by $275,000. Our options are to institute a special assessment to make the reserves healthy or to increase the monthly dues. Even this $16.00 increase means only a bump in our budget for the townhomes of almost $26,000/year. In 2019, we will continue to make necessary improvements to the asphalt in the alleyways and the concrete of some garage aprons and front stoops.

Dog Watcher Watch Program

Dog Walker Watch is a program developed by the National Association of Town Watch, the same organization that brought National Night Out to our communities. The program encourages neighbors to assist local law enforcement as extra eyes and ears in the community. The program enhances the partnership between police and community, while teaching neighbors how to effectively observe and report suspicious activity. 

Who can Participate?

Anyone can participate! Despite its name, the program is not just for dog walkers, and requires no special training. While dog walkers are out frequently and along the same route, so are runners, walkers, and parents out playing with children. Because law enforcement officers can't be everywhere, citizen involvement is essential. Many arrests of criminals come as a direct result of citizens contacting police about suspicious activity.

What is Suspicious Activity?

Despite being most aware of their neighborhoods, we often come across residents who didn’t contact law enforcement about suspicious activity for a variety of reasons:

  • They didn’t want to call 911 because they didn't think it was an emergency.
  • They didn’t know what number to call instead.
  • They might have been afraid they were misinterpreting the activity and didn’t want to be embarrassed. 
  • They might have assumed someone else was calling authorities. 

All are reasons we have heard many times. This program is designed to empower residents with both the knowledge to know who to call, and the confidence to make that call. 

Suspicious activity takes into account the totality of the circumstances present to you at the time. And what is suspicious in one neighborhood, might be normal activity in another. 

Who to Call

Know where you live and program the non-emergency number into your cell phone. The non-emergency number for the Sheriff’s Office is 303-795-4711. Always call 911 if it is an emergency.

Be specific - Describe the behavior and location. Answer questions from the dispatcher. They are entering all of the information into the computer for the responding deputy.

Remain calm - Speak clearly and remain in a safe location. 

Newsletter Editor Needed

After many years as the SouthPark Monthly newsletter editor, I have decided to retire my red pencil. If you are interested in being the new editor, please contact me at daverthal@gmail.com or 303-730-9005. I will resign on February 23, 2019 if no one volunteers before then.

This volunteer position is rather rewarding and is not that difficult. Only a few hours are needed each month to prepare the newsletter content and submit it to our publisher. Designing, printing and mailing the newsletter is handled by the publisher. The editor's job is to gather information from various neighborhood and local sources, edit the submissions for content, grammar, punctuation and style, and send the submissions to the publisher by each month's deadline.

The right person will have strong writing and editing skills, attention to detail, the ability to meet a monthly deadline without fail, and a desire to be the eyes and ears of the SouthPark community.

I will train the right person. Thank you for your interest.

~ Dave Rosenthal

Trash pickup is on Mondays. Recycling days are every other Monday. See the Calendar page for the schedule. For service questions, contact Pro Disposal at 303-791-3827 or prodisposal.net

Next Board & ACC Meeting

November 19, 2018, 7:00 pm

in the clubhouse

All residents welcome. Agenda is emailed by AMI.

Click to view the current issue

of our newsletter in full color. For news or event submissions, email editor@southparkhoa.com

Need a Recreation Access Card?

If you need an access card for the swimming pool and sport courts, use the button below to submit your request. A recreation committee volunteer will then contact you when the card is ready. Please allow a few days.

If your card was lost, there is a $30 replacement charge. If your card does not work, there is no fee as long as you turn in the non-working card. If you are a new resident and never received a card, there is no charge. Please visit the pool and sport court pages on this website for more information.

Recreation Access Card Request


Nextdoor.com is a private social network for neighborhoods and is a viable tool for notices, classifieds, break-ins, lost pets, Litteton news, etc. It's free and secure and is currently being used by a growing number of SouthPark residents. Visit nextdoor.com to learn more and sign up.

Vendor Directory

Need a plumber? Want your roof fixed? Want to recommend a great painter? Click the happy painter to download the SouthPark Vendor Directory. To recommend a company, send an email to editor@southparkhoa.com.

Do You Know the Pillows?

The beautiful trees, the lovely flowers, the manicured grounds are the pride of SouthPark, and much of it can be attributed to the 16 years of dedication by Howie and Bev Pillow. Read more >>>

Ladies Night Out

All events are posted on the Calendar page, along with addresses for each location

Denver Water Rebates

SouthPark's water provider, Denver Water, is offering rebates for the installation of new high efficiency toilets and clothes washers.  The rebate form requires you to know your water account number.  Single-family homeowners can find this number on their water bill.  For townhome owners, click here.

Citizen Alert Program

Sign up through the city of Littleton to receive notices about potential safety hazards or concerns.  Although all residential land lines are already included in this program, you can add mobile devices and receive notices via texts or voice mails. Click here to get started.

Report a Major Water Leak

If you notice a major water line break in the common areas, call Arrowhead immediately at 720-259-7719 to report. This number is only for a major emergency (that is, water is gushing out of the ground). For all other grounds-related concerns, such as broken sprinkler heads, snow removal or water seepage, please call the SouthPark Hotline at 303-738-0534.

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